This is Rectangular or Box Type Electro-Magnet
ISC introduces an unique Box Magnet which is specially designed to lift billets cold and hot. This single magnet can be used instead of two numbers of Rectangular Lifting Magnets with Spreader Beam as has been the practice.

The Box Magnet can lift 8 No's. billets of size 100 sq. mm of length up to 12 meters. This magnet has been sold all over the world and in India to many customers and it has been proven that a single Box Magnet lifts successfully 12 meter long billets for the entire working shift in steel plants over the continuous casting skid banks.

This magnet has been the preferred choice of crane operators as the time spent in centering the 2 magnets on spreader beam as well as aligning the magnets with the axis of the billets is very cumbersome. Moreover, in this working face of both the magnets should be in the same level or the billets get unstuck with small jerks of crane rail joints.

The magnet has been provided with vents at the bottom to facilitate convectional cooling and allow free air movement.

For units producing 100 MT. or more per day this BOX MAGNET is an absolute must.
  Box Magnets
Model Length Breadth Weight Power Lifting Capacity / Number Of Billets
  mm mm kgs KW 100 mm sq 125 mm sq 150 mm sq 180 mm sq
  inch inch Lbs   4in Sq 5in Sq 6in Sq 7in Sq
RCT21 2100 900 4300 9.00 8 6 5 9 - 12
RCT21 83 35 9460 9.00 8 6 5 9 - 12
RCT15 1500 900 3500   6.50   8   6   6   5 - 6
RCT15 59 35 7700 6.50 8 6 6 5 - 6
RCT10 1000 900 2600 3.00 8 6 9 3
RCT10 39 35 5720 3.00 8 6 9 3
All Magnets operate at 220 V DC.
Magnets are Designed for 75% duty Cycle
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