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(1925 - 1982)
History of ISC
We have grown up with the post-war development of iron and steel industries. The ever-increasing business has founded on dependable and fair deal. This is the ISC in the Nation’s surging economy and in the service of our overseas’ customers whose continued patronage has added to the present achievement.

It has always been our motto and principle to serve our esteemed buyers in the best possible way. We have established our networks in Dhaka and Kuala-lumpur and now in the United States Of America where they are assured of our best services.

With a brighter prospect ahead, we will carry on our endeavours to modernize the plants and equipment to further improve the quality and serve you better. We have been in business since 1941 and every year makes us younger. .
About ISC

ISC Lifting Magnets are highly effective for handling iron and steel in diversified forms. Ports, Steel industries and Scrap yards use these magnets extensively to lift scrap, ingots, rails, beams, plates, coils etc. ISC Lifting Magnets have always proved their worth by saving labour, increasing productivity, shortening handling time.

The design and manufacture of each ISC Lifting Magnet is the result of continuous effort from the ISC Family. Starting as a scrap trading concern in 1940 this group has grown into web of companies manufacturing engineering products for various industrial sectors. For over 30 years the ISC Family has used and studied magnets of diverse sizes, makes and types in their own steel plants and scrap yards. Result – The ISC Lifting Magnets – an extremely user-friendly product from the point of operation, maintenance and repair along with protective measures to prevent breakdown

Private ownership
Private ownership allows ISC to remain free. The nature of freedom demands that it be used responsibly by associates and units alike. Our way of doing business allows us to remain free as a company and gives associates as individuals the freedom to innovate, act and grow while achieving our common goals. This creates the kind of environment in which we are all excited to work. Our private ownership, unanimity of purpose and high ethical standards allow us to move quickly in exploring new ground, act boldly in the face of competition, and take risks wherever they are justified. Above all, our private ownership gives us the freedom to take a long-term perspective on making investments, building businesses and providing for the well-being of our associates. This spirit has driven ISC in the past. It remains for each of us to make it the guiding force for our future.
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